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The New Shadow House App

I was so psyched to find that Gavin B has posted about the Shadow House App in the Shadow House Forums at Scholastic.com/shadowhouse

The free app will give users an interactive experience, allowing them to explore the creeptastic world of Shadow House and experience unique and terrifying moments that aren't even in the books!

Learn more by reading Gavin's post here: http://shadowhouse.scholastic.com/forums/topics/224025

The app will be available on 8/15/16 from IOS and Android two weeks before the book is available! Trust me . . . this app is SO cool. I've played with a preview, and it FREAKED ME OUT.

And get ready, because Shadow House: The Gathering is coming out on 8/30/16. Pre-order your copy of the book right now by clicking on the links below!!! 



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