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Bio: Dan Poblocki was born in Rhode Island and currently lives and works in Brooklyn, NY.

He is the author of The Stone Child, The Nightmarys, The Ghost of Graylock, and The Mysterious Four series. The Book of Bad Things is forthcoming: Aug 28, 2014.

Dan loves reading and writing, playing video games, eating cupcakes, snuggling with his cats - Pedro and Tavi - and telling ghost stories late at night to anyone who'll listen.

Dan hates doing laundry, cleaning his apartment, riding on crowded subway trains, and people who honk car horns excessively.

(Painting by John Brosio)

Another October, Another 31 Horror Films

I spent a great deal of time watching horror movies this past month for author Daniel Kraus’s Twitter challenge: #31horrorfilms31 days. Lots of these are totally inappropriate for young children, so please note, this list is not a recommendation list, and I take no responsibility for your nightmares. I DO take responsibility for nightmares if you’ve read any of my books. In fact, I’m proud of those.

1) HELL. Walking Dead with cannibals and a supernova sun instead of zombies and viruses. In Deutsch!

2) BLOOD RUNS COLD. Invite friends to your cabin for booze, music and parties. Add one axe-wielding ghoul and stir 4 fun!

3) ROSEMARY’S BABY. Presenting the coolest cradle a goth mommy or daddy can dream of.

4) Apollo 18. No, not the one with Tom Hanks. The one with shaky cam and mutant space rocks.

5) GRAVE ENCOUNTERS 2. The found-footage haunted asylum genre goes meta. Cheeky like the Scream movies.

6) RITES OF SPRING Bad people are punished for doing bad things. A love letter to Hooper, Carpenter, Craven, and King.

7) Hatchet for the Honeymoon. Designer hacks up brides-to-be on their wedding nights. Fashion! Models! Seances! Blood!

8) Darkness Falls. Evil Tooth Fairy is allergic to light & the town she haunts doesn’t have enough quality flashlights.

9) Drag Me to Hell. Who knew that being an upstart bank loan officer was so ridiculously terrifying?

10) THE PROPHECY. Christopher Walken is an evil angel looking for a way to become a second satan. Or something.

11) SHROOMS. It’s all fun and games until someone eats a death head mushroom. Then it’s all killing and stuff.

12) MUNGER ROAD. A haunted intersection lures thrill-seeking teens on the same night a serial killer escapes custody.

13) THE MOTH DIARIES. A young vampire torments a group of boarding school girls. Gothic. Smart and creepy.

14) HOUSE OF 1000 CORPSES. No lie, there are approximately 1000 of them. One of the craziest horror movies ever.

15) THE PURGE. The Strangers meets The Hunger Games. Some great B Grade tropes here with A grade performances. TIGHT.

16) V/H/S/2.Found footage exploration of bionic eyeballs, Asian devil-cults, zombie cyclists, and alien sleepovers.

17) PARANORMAL ACTIVITY 4. Just like the first 3, only not scary this time.

18) LAST KIND WORDS. Sad little ghost story. American Gothic. There’s even a pitchfork fight in it.

19) INVASION OF THE BODY SNATCHERS (‘78). Does everyone have a seed pod? Very good. Commence apocalypse.

20) ALL THE BOYS LOVE MANDY LANE. I thought this was just another hack and slash, teen blood bath, but then…

21) THE LORDS OF SALEM. Rob Zombie meets Kubrick for a playdate in hell. Featuring lots and lots of creepy old ladies.

22) SAINT NICK. In the Netherlands, Santa comes on December 5…? In blackface…? And kills everyone…?

23) CARRIE (‘13). A somewhat faithful remake of Brian DePalma’s classic about a teen telekinetic. I really liked it.

24) IN THE DARK HALF. Marie believes the spirits of the dead reside in the hill over her Welsh town. And they visit.

25) MANIAC (‘12). Cutsie wittle Elijah Wood is such a nerd! He likes to collect things… Namely, ladies’ scalps.

26) THE EXORCIST III. Wackadoo sequel with some genuinely terrifying moments. Nurses carry large head-lopping shears.

27) PUMPKINHEAD. Part Pet Semetary. Part Deliverance. Part Alien. Surprisingly satisfying.

28) RETURN OF THE LIVING DEAD. “I can smell your BRAINS!” From Dan O’Bannon, genius screenwriter of ALIEN.

29) WAKE WOOD. Parents think it’s a good idea to bring their dead child back to life. They’ve never seen Pet Semetary.

30) THE BELL WITCH HAUNTING makes Paranormal Activity 4 look like Citizen Kane. Hilariously horrible possession tale.

31) THE CABINET OF DR. CALIGARI. Madness and murder and carnies. The early prequel to Shutter Island. AND, I’M DONE!

That’s it! I think my favorite was “Invasion of the Body Snatchers.” Moody and well-done, with some scenes scary enough to haunt your memory forever. Check it out!

Already looking forward to next year!

  • 4 November 2013
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