{Musings of Dan Poblocki, Author/ Weirdo}

Bio: Dan Poblocki was born in Rhode Island and currently lives and works in Brooklyn, NY.

He is the author of The Stone Child, The Nightmarys, The Ghost of Graylock, and The Mysterious Four series. The Book of Bad Things is forthcoming: Aug 28, 2014.

Dan loves reading and writing, playing video games, eating cupcakes, snuggling with his cats - Pedro and Tavi - and telling ghost stories late at night to anyone who'll listen.

Dan hates doing laundry, cleaning his apartment, riding on crowded subway trains, and people who honk car horns excessively.

(Painting by John Brosio)

Books I’ve Written

The Stone Child

The Nightmarys

The Mysterious Four: [1] Hauntings & Heists, [2] Clocks & Robbers, [3] Monsters & Mischief

The Ghost of Graylock